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Operations & Maintenance


The successful operation of a plant is directly attributed to a well trained work force of operators and technicians who make and test product while meeting stringent safety and environmental standards. The Frontera team has personnel who bring their experience and knowledge into organizing, selecting, training and supervising day to day activity in the plant. The fundamental basis established by the team are Operating & Maintenance Procedures that are continually updated by O&M instruction. The key attribute is a system of communications that involves the right personnel in each appropriate aspect of the job. The principles are based on Process Safety Management. Maintenance is comprised of the Predictive and Preventative Maintenance that assures known reliable operation of equipment and instrumentation. The product laboratory not only supports the refinery operation but also certifies product quality for the plant's customers. Some of the specific functions include:

  • Process & Maintenance Procedures
  • Training
  • ​Shift Management
  • Unit Operations
  • Utility (Steam, Electricity, Water & Fuel Gas)
  • Technician Qualification (operators​, maintenance and laboratory technicians)
  • Process Safety Management for Operations & Maintenance
  • ​Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Tank Farm, Marine & Pipeline Operations
  • Environmental Operation

Construction is a key success point for the Frontera Petroleum Resources team. The innovation provided by the construction team's experience results in lower cost, high quality and early completion. The team is able to provide cost effective and time sensitive modular construction resolutions that take advantage of dismantling existing facilities that are available and refurbish the equipment recovered to existing refinery standards. With the use of modular construction techniques and experienced supervision, meeting tight project schedules become an achievable target.

​The team begins its project planning by thinking through the before project before it mobilizes, thereby identifying the most complex cost issues. Once the issues are identified, the project assigns each issue a critical resource responder to monitor and schedule the tracking of the issue for control by the project. The construction team has experience with roads, foundations, tank farms, process unit mechanical erection, buildings, marine terminal installation, power plant generation and distribution, water and emergency response facilities.

​The team will utilize state of the art methods to cost effectively move the project ahead of conventional methods. One example of the project development will be the use of directional to install major pipelines. Others include state of the art mechanical inspection to ensure no leaks in the system, installation of computer monitoring equipment and the delivery of sufficient equipment and parts to sustain an economic operation of the refinery.

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