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The development of refinery begins with the integration of personnel who have project management, engineering, construction and operations experience. This unique blend of experienced people assures that the successful production of transportation fuels (LPG, gasoline, jet fuel, diesel and fuel oil) is accomplished in a structured, efficient manner with the plant coming on-stream on-schedule and within budget.  The management team develops and defines a scope of work for the project that contains the needed basic elements without unnecessary cost changes; yet uses risk planning to mitigate factors beyond the project's control. Cost control is achieved first through the team's involvement in defining the needed scope to produce project deliverables such as Work Breakdown Structure and a detailed Project Execution Plan to direct all activities of the project. The project team includes a strong quality control function that monitors and reports status on each piece of the project. This key resource assures that any problem or variance is identified early and noted for non-conformity and immediate attention given for prompt resolution.

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Direct experiencein processing Nigerian Crude Oil provides the critical experience in developing a design for a refinery and its infrastructure. The process engineering encompasses:

  • Process Simulation
  • Heat & Material Balances
  • Process Economics
  • Process Integration
  • P&ID Development
  • Process Control
  • Process Safety Management
  • Process Performance Evaluation

The knowledge and experience to design a refinery is resident in the team and consists of the following unit operations and disciplines:

  • Crude Fractionation
  • Nap Fining
  • Reforming
  • Kerosene Hydro Treating
  • ​Heavy Oil Processing
  • Waste Water Treating
  • Power & Steam Production
  • Desalting
  • Furnace Design
  • Heat Exchange
  • Fuel Gas Design
  • Fresh, Potable & Boiler Feed Water
  • Tank Farm & Marine Terminal Design
  • Product Quality

The Integration of the above process engineering, unit operation and disciplines provide the design that delivers a high degree of profitable, reliable on-stream operation while maintaining safe, environmentally sound impact on the employees and surrounding community.


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Frontera Petroleum Resources, Inc., a USA-based corporation, began life in the sale of replacement parts to the oil industry. Its team of highly experienced personnel has built the company into one of the stalwarts of the industry.

Frontera Petroleum focuses on the marketing of crude, sales of refined products, distribution of chemicals, and commodity trading. Frontera has positioned itself to be a full player in the dynamic markets of the 21st century. Its management team continues to build the skill sets  and technological savvy necessary to navigate the complex markets associated with hydrocarbons.

Frontera Petroleum Resources is engaged in the marketing of refined products, including gasoline, jet fuel, fuel oil, bunker fuel, diesel fuel, kerosene, base oil , and motor oils.

Frontera Petroleum's market reach extends to Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. The company utilizes its access to various refineries to place available light crudes on the spot markets and in contracts. Frontera Petroleum also deals in chemicals. Through its affiliates, Frontera Petroleum trades in all sorts of industrial and oil-related chemicals.

Frontera Petroleum Resources provides equipment of all types to the oil and gas industry. These include:

  • Vessels. Frontera Petroleum Resources provides equipment for and independent oil companies with various types of vessels notably barges, tug boats and supply vessels.
  • Oilfield equipment. Frontera Petroleum has supplied and continues to supply oilfield and accessories, through its associated oil-tool manufacturers, to contractors in the Middle East and Latin America.
  • Drilling Rigs. Frontera Petroleum Resources arranges for drilling rigs to be supplied to its clients through its joint-venture partners. This is a challenging business, Frontera Petroleum has built up the know how and market experience to be an efficient competitor in the drilling rig supply market.